We live in times of speed. The high speed of life, work, travelling, meetings, shopping and probably other countless things we do on an everyday basis. While living so fast, we complain about doing it pretty all the time, too. So, we take physical actions and, at the same time, mental reactions, but the latter changes really nothing. We complain about a fast pace of life, but we feel forced to live this way. Like there is some powerful force that makes us behave this way.

Here comes my question, is there really an outer force saying to work too much and too fast or is it our mind making tricks on us?

If only do we change our perspective, I believe, we weaken significantly this chorus of thoughts in our minds. With time, and I need to say with a rather great number of years, I have learned to understand and feel it, I have understood that a constant chase of money does not bring me much pleasure - I am unable to spend more, so why bother to work too much? Guess what? I have started to enjoy my work again, I know I can earn, but I do not have to.

I started investing in a stock exchange, after implementing just a little of a mindful approach to it, I am not too scared when shares are falling down. I believe that what goes down, must bounce up again. Of course, I do not know if it is a professional idea, but it works for me, also in a material way.

When I walk, say, to and from work or shopping, etc I try to look at the trees, leaves on streets, small bushes, I try to pay attention to this particular moment and things in and on my way. You know, I not only can actually notice those things, but also I experience the time does not speed so much. I remember the first time I felt it, it was one big spiritual and intellectual "wow" in my life.

All in all a little bit of mindfulness can bring great and positive changes in our lives. We need to stop complaining and blaming the world for the speed and intensity of life, but notice it is us who decide to live this way. We always have a choice and we always can say "no" to the outside "encouragements" to work more and live fast. Is it possible? Yes, it is. Is it hard to introduce in life? Yes, it is? Is it worthy? Yes, it is! So to all who want some changes, hope you find my blog post at least a bit helpful!

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