A to-do list for me and all those who want to accompany me in the quest of a better life/attitude/and all that jazz - 10 points are mine, but of course, learned from the others.

easy does it

1. Do not sweat small things.
2. Take deep breaths at the moment of anger or sorrow.
3. Do not add non-existing stuff to your thoughts - your life is already fucked up enough, LOL
4. Do not believe all your thoughts - they just thoughts, period.
5. Be kind to yourself, the others will benefit from that as well.
6. Learn to say a kind "No" to people who want to suck your positive energy or those who just want to use you.
7. Believe your guts, they know you from inside.
8. Introduce and live some Aloha spirit, hang loose.
9. Accept the shit that happens to you.
10. Remember you may fall down for a thousand times -but do not forget to stand up again!