Those who know me know I love gadgets. I am also a minimalist and sometimes both features stand in opposition to each other.

So, some days ago I saw this magnificent leather messenger bag which I simply loved. I could afford it and, oh my, I just wanted it so very much. I guess you know this feeling, sudden craving of something, heart bits faster and you can't find any reasons not to buy the item of your desire.

I decided to pop the question on my Twitter account if I should buy this particular bag.  3 magnificent Twitter friends of mine took their time to answer my question and they encouraged me to buy the bag. If you like it, if you can afford it and if you really want to use it, just do it, Girl!

Well, I went to the website where I was supposed to order the bag, I even filled in the form and was going to use my credit card when my minimalism kicked in.


It said, hey, let's sleep with this idea, you'll see if you still want this bag the next day. Reluctantly I did so.

The following day I opened the website again, looked at the bag, looked at my current bag and thought the latter is not so bad, it's more convenient, I don't need to carry additional tote bag for small things I buy. The desire disappeared. I closed the website and, believe me, or not, I again love my present bag!

Why am I writing about it? I just want to share my experience of minimalism with you and show you how much money we spend on things we buy out of sudden craving and later we don't use the things we bought because in reality we just don't need them. I bet you all also have been in such situations.

I believe the " sleeping with a decision about new stuff" works and can teach us a lot about ourselves, and that by itself is precious. We also don't clutter our homes or can spend this damn money on something that in reality makes our hearts sing. For those $45 I can have some really great dinners/ coffee with my friends and create memories.