All the life I have lived in a conservative, Catholic society where the role of a woman has been well known and approved for ages, and where the example comes from the top. The society and different institutions see the role of women in a very simple way, good wives, mothers of as many children as possible, eager lovers, quiet and lacking own opinions creatures that just should look nice, smell nice and stay that way. To prove their opinions, some focus on the importance and glory of women as being the founders and bearers of the home fire, the others focus on issues connected with natural weaknesses of women that lead to their "natural" place and duties at home.
As long as I remember I have been a woman with own, very often risky opinions, a person who has been told and taught to fight for the rights of those in need, the weak, minorities and any others who just do not fit the standards of the society they live in. So I have been fighting in different ways, saying what I think about numerous issues, teaching people not to treat another human being differently, only because he or she has a different colour of skin, different religion, sexual orientation or anything else that differs him or her from the rest. 

For many years I have also been interested in mindfulness, minimalism, slow and simple life and financial awareness, for some called financial freedom. Those who know me know I am opinionated, have strong values connected with democracy, liberalism. 

For all the reasons mentioned above and probably for many more, I dedicate this blog section on my website. It is and will be the place where I won't only touch issues near and dear to my heart, but also, that is more important for the visitors of my website, I will write texts in English. It may be another source of some English language adventure for you, Guys. 

So, let's do it! I Do hope you will enjoy the existing posts and those that will arrive in future. You may always leave comments at Happy English group on Facebook.  or you can find me on Twitter @Brygida_Poland