A to-do list for me and all those who want to accompany me in the quest of a better life/attitude/and all that jazz - 10 points are mine, but of course, learned from the others.

easy does it

1. Do not sweat small things.
2. Take deep breaths at the moment of anger or sorrow.
3. Do not add non-existing stuff to your thoughts - your life is already fucked up enough, LOL
4. Do not believe all your thoughts - they just thoughts, period.
5. Be kind to yourself, the others will benefit from that as well.
6. Learn to say a kind "No" to people who want to suck your positive energy or those who just want to use you.
7. Believe your guts, they know you from inside.
8. Introduce and live some Aloha spirit, hang loose.
9. Accept the shit that happens to you.
10. Remember you may fall down for a thousand times -but do not forget to stand up again!

( The text comes from the archives of 2014) 

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" The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly." - Budda

Travelling on the path of mindfulness is not easy and is not fully visible at once. After having great eye-opening at the beginning of my journey, I also have had moments of disbelief, anxiety and inside horror of living. It seems that for the past few days I forgot about everything I'd learned and I wasn't able to think logically. The dark moments have arrived. A few days ago I made a mistake that affected me both mentally and physically and I started to wonder how fragile I am. Then, though, I thought it may not be a bad situation. Through my mindful approach and with time I was not only able to see the things and how I reacted to them, but I was able to try again and introduce changes for the present and future moments.

We all have problems, troubles, meet unkind people, etc. We all have moments of forgetting ourselves and falling into some deep dark jar of feelings. The trick is, in my opinion, to be able to go out to the sunlight again. Somebody said " the mind falls asleep when demons are awakened", for me it represents this jar of fear, not thinking clearly and not seeing any silver lining.

The true value of mindfulness for me are the moments when we can shake off those feeling and stand up tall again.
I am not writing this piece to let the world know how courageous I am. I just want to tell those who may read that and who go through the same ups and downs that you are not alone. There are thousands of people like you or me and each time we win, it makes us true heroes of everyday life. That those moments don't make us weak people, but on the contrary, we are strong and stronger with every fall.

For so many years, thousands of articles and books have been written on the topic of financial freedom. Probably nothing new can be added to the subject, except for an additional outlook and some motivation.



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Minimalism, simplicity and financial freedom

Being interested in mindfulness, minimalism, simple living, I can say they are all connected not only with one another but with the financial freedom the way I understand it. When you are mindful you know yourself as you observe yourself being here and now. You notice how many things you use, how many clothes you wear, etc. That leads to minimalism. I'm not speaking about minimalism when you have almost nothing, but about one in which you don't spend money, especially money you don't have, on things you just don't need. That leads to simplicity. You discover and finally understand the most precious things in life are not materialistic things, oh well maybe besides books, time spent with friends testing great food or travelling the world. All that mentioned leads to financial freedom. You don't spend too much money on things so you can save more, you can allocate more of your income to a saving account and with the time you can invest the money in something more profitable.

Financial freedom - a freedom to choose

The way I understand so-called financial freedom is by having a choice in life. Having a choice to change your career, especially if you don't want to participate in a rat race. Having a choice to work as much as you want. When having some extra money you can decide not to work too much and cover some expenses using your savings. Imagining your expenses are not unrealistically high, you are able to do it. When acquiring financial freedom, and I'm not saying here about becoming a millionaire, you notice you don't have to run anywhere, you can just walk, enjoy small things on the way. That makes you even more mindful and calm and that is really beneficial for your health, both mental and physical. Believe me or not, by implementing minimalism or mindfulness, which help create financial freedom, you may buy things of a better quality, which last longer so you don't have to buy new ones too often, or you can travel the world. You have a choice, spend money on too much stuff that only collects dust, or on something meaningful. You have a choice, spend money on yet another piece of clothing, that you get bored with soon anyway, or finally go to this expensive restaurant and try some international cuisine you have always dreamed about.


Small steps taken even today, can lead to some financial and personal freedom. The most important is to take the first step and keep going. You either try or just stop complaining about the terrible pace of life you have ( rat race), lack of money ( overspending).  In my blog, I want to show you my experiences with mindfulness, minimalism and financial freedom and/or give you some pieces of advice for your future. 
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We live in times of speed. The high speed of life, work, travelling, meetings, shopping and probably other countless things we do on an everyday basis. While living so fast, we complain about doing it pretty all the time, too. So, we take physical actions and, at the same time, mental reactions, but the latter changes really nothing. We complain about a fast pace of life, but we feel forced to live this way. Like there is some powerful force that makes us behave this way.

Here comes my question, is there really an outer force saying to work too much and too fast or is it our mind making tricks on us?

If only do we change our perspective, I believe, we weaken significantly this chorus of thoughts in our minds. With time, and I need to say with a rather great number of years, I have learned to understand and feel it, I have understood that a constant chase of money does not bring me much pleasure - I am unable to spend more, so why bother to work too much? Guess what? I have started to enjoy my work again, I know I can earn, but I do not have to.

I started investing in a stock exchange, after implementing just a little of a mindful approach to it, I am not too scared when shares are falling down. I believe that what goes down, must bounce up again. Of course, I do not know if it is a professional idea, but it works for me, also in a material way.

When I walk, say, to and from work or shopping, etc I try to look at the trees, leaves on streets, small bushes, I try to pay attention to this particular moment and things in and on my way. You know, I not only can actually notice those things, but also I experience the time does not speed so much. I remember the first time I felt it, it was one big spiritual and intellectual "wow" in my life.

All in all a little bit of mindfulness can bring great and positive changes in our lives. We need to stop complaining and blaming the world for the speed and intensity of life, but notice it is us who decide to live this way. We always have a choice and we always can say "no" to the outside "encouragements" to work more and live fast. Is it possible? Yes, it is. Is it hard to introduce in life? Yes, it is? Is it worthy? Yes, it is! So to all who want some changes, hope you find my blog post at least a bit helpful!

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